1. How to place an order
    • Drop us an email at hello@heavensbloom.com
  2. Do you accept credit card or paypal?
    • We would love to, but as we are a small set up, we are not able to provide this just yet. Bear with us. As we grow, we will add on this payment option
  3. How to make payment?
    • Drop us an email hello@heavensbloom.com  and we will provide you payment options for either one of these: ATM/ i-banking transfer, DBS Paylah or OCBC Mobile Pay
  4. How long do you take to reply a request?
    • We usually respond within 2-3 hours or latest within 24 hours.
  5. Do you have a retail store?
    • We don’t have a retail facility. We are a small home-based operation.
  6. Do you ship overseas beyond the shores of Singapore?
    • We do have this arrangement. Shipping costs applies.
  7. Do you provide picnic mats and fairy lights?
    • We don’t provide these, but we recommend you consider obtaining these from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura, or Ikea.
  8. Do you provide venue set up?
    • We don’t have the expertise for this. We can link you up with our partners who provide beautiful setup
  9. Do you provide catering?
    • It is not our core business and we recommend you consider using a licensed catering company.
  10. Who do you work with for delivery?
    • Sometimes we deliver it ourselves so that we can meet our customers in person 🙂 Other times, we partner with a delivery vendor with a crew of delivery partners.
  11. What are the delivery timing options?
    • We try our best to accommodate the timing of your desired delivery time, with a 45 min window for our delivery partner. This is to give them flexibility in managing logistics arrangements and ensuring that they too are not rushing from one place to another, which inadvertently put themselves at risk on the road.
    • e.g. if you require the Golden Magnolia basket with Light Bite or Big Bite food option by 2pm, we generally work with our delivery vendor to have the item delivered to you between 1.45pm- 2.30pm.
  12. Can i change the delivery time?
    • You may change it at no cost within 48 hour notice.
    • Beyond 48 hours, we may have to charge a small fee based on the new delivery location.
  13. What’s the minimum number of days between placing an order and delivery?
    • Please drop us an email within 3 working days of expected delivery/ pickup date
  14. What is the location and timing for self pick up?
    • There are two options:  6 Clementi Road Singapore 129741 or at Katong 112.
    • Timing to be discussed
  15. I have special dietary needs. Are you able to change the food items?
    • Reach out to us at hello@heavensbloom.com and we’ll try our best to help!