About us

This is borne solely out of our love for all things floral, the finer things in life, and the love of sharing.

The flower bits

So we’re suckers for romantic movies. And one of them that stuck with us today was the 1996 Bed of Roses film by Mary Stuart Masterson and the handsome Christian Slater.

If you’ve not heard about this film, read here.

So, Christian Slater runs a flower shop and often takes long walks through the neighborhood, trying to lose his memories of his deceased wife and child, and he stumbled upon Mary Stuart who was weeping at her balcony. To perk her up, he sent her flowers anonymously the next day. And he does this randomly to anyone he knows in need of a cheer.

His purpose? Just to see them smile, and have them know that it will be okay… and that they are loved.

Don’t we forget sometimes?

So Heaven’s Bloom was conceptualised in 1996.

HB logo linear

The basket insider

We loved the basket, of course. Who doesn’t? The pretty nautical stripes had us there.

And then we thought it would be nice if someone packed our picnic baskets for us, so that we can just enjoy a great day out, minus all the hard work.

So that’s how Fields of Poppies and Golden Magnolia luxe baskets were birthed and added to Heaven’s Bloom, making us Heaven’s Bloom & Baskets.

After 4 years, we’ve retired out basket sale and now solely on curating flower bouquets to bring the smile back.

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